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Welcome to Hope of Blind Seeing Hand Massage.


Hope of Blind Seeing Hand Massage is a professional visually impaired massagers' team in Battambang Cambodia. Our massage therapists are well-trained and have long time-experience of using Amma Shiatsu (Japanese massage style) to effectively treat a lot of health problems of national and international customers.

Our team has successfully completed massage Training course at Association of Blind in Cambodia and is officially acknowledged by the ABC. We have experiences of doing this massage for over eight years already.

From our experiences of using Amma Shiatsu massage, we found that our therapeutic massage can effectively relieve tension, stress and exhaustion, prevent high blood pressure and help blood to flow smoothly in your body.

Our massages are also therapeutic for those suffering from headaches, backaches, tired muscle, muscle cramps, dizziness, sprain, numbness, sleeplessness and heal up many other problems of your different body parts.

What services do we provide?

We provide:

  Body massage which is a full massage from head to toe focuses on most parts of your body such as head, neck, shoulders, back arms, back, waist, hips, back thighs, calves, feet, face, front arms, chest, stomach, front thighs, knees, feet, etc.

It can prevent high blood pressure, help blood to flow smoothly in body, relieve stress, exhaustion and tension and bring around headache, backache, dizziness, tired muscle, muscle cramps, numbness, sprain, sleepiness and other problems.

  Foot massage (Reflexology) which focuses mainly on feet, toes, sole, ankles, etc.

It can re-balance and establish your energy flow throughout the points. After washing and cleansing your feet, massage oil is applied to your whole foot and the gentle, gliding strokes begin. Combining gentle circulating, pressing and squeezing slowly all over your foot. It makes you feel relax and relieve after long day walking.

  Oil massage which is a full massage with different fragrant oil focuses on shoulders, back, back arms, back legs, head, neck, front arms, front legs, etc.

It can relieve stress, exhaustion and tension, make you feel relax and make your skin smooth and moist.

  Parts massage which is the best therapeutic massage to treat any specific part which has problem. If any part of your body has problems such as numbness, cramp, headache, backache, sprain, etc, just tell and you will get the right therapeutic massage to cure those problems.

We offer the following choice in 1 hour massage, 1:30 hour massage, 2 hour massage or more as you like. Room with air-conditioning is also available at our massage shop.

We have special promotion for everyone who makes reservation with us by telephone, e-mail or facebook by 10% discount

So please take your time at least 1 hour to enjoy the most relaxing and best therapeutic massage with our great massage therapists. While you are doing your daily work, you should also care about your health which is the most main resource of your everything. Please take a break for some time from your busy day to come and get relieved from pain, stress, exhaustion and get energy to promote a sense of relaxation and your well-being with us! We will provide a very good therapeutic massage to your needs!

What massage can benefit you?

  Stress reduction and increased stamina (energy)

  Improve sleep and concentration

  Relieve muscle tension and decrease tendency to cramp, numbness and stiffness

  Reduce muscle pain due to physical exercise or long-distance travel or hard work

  Release of endorphins

  Increase joint flexibility and range of motion

  Positive effects on organs and blood circulation

According to our experience and practice as a massage therapist so far, we found that most people (both nationals and internationals) got a relief from pain of back, hip, neck, shoulder, head, arm, leg ...etc. For different pain problems, the exercise regularly also is very important to reduce some problems, pain and to strengthen muscles and maintain good posture. However, massage therapy can speed your healing and play a valuable part in maintaining optimal health such as physical, mental and emotional health.

Coming to massage with us you do not just only get relaxed and relieved but also take part in creating good job opportunity for visually impaired people to earn and live independently like other people. So please don't hesitate to come to get the right massage therapy with our professional massage therapists. We guarantee that our massage therapy is really effectively therapeutic your health problems and makes you feel relaxed, relieved, healthy and energetic.

We also provide link audios and videos on interviewing with our customers, hobbies and learning which you can listen, watch and download from our website.

Thank you very much for your visit and support us. We warmly welcome all donation and queries about our team.


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